For over 20 years, Bill Howe has been leading Ashwood Homes with the same attention to detail that goes into every home he builds or project he completes. The result is a company focused on quality and customer satisfaction coupled with the experience to achieve success.

Bill, a native Kentuckian, is married to Linda, who also meets the secretarial demands of Ashwood Homes, and the couple have four children and seven grandchildren.


When business demands allow a break, Bill enjoys time golfing and traveling. And his commitments don’t end there; Bill is involved in his local church, active in volunteer and leadership roles, and intentionally focused on Christian mission opportunities.


Bill Howe

Personable • Accessible • Dependable • Reliable

These years of experience, deep family values, and broad interests combine to make Bill a strong leader of a strong company. Ashwood Homes is able to meet any project’s demands; large or small. Their expertise in building homes and providing custom remodeling extends to every aspect of the customer’s demands:

·         from finding the perfect location for your new home,
·         to selecting the perfect floor plan,
·         to establishing the best solution to your remodel needs,
·         to acquiring the best financing options,
·         to assembling the right professionals to complete every step along the way,
·         to selecting only the highest quality materials to finish the job …

Bill Howe and Ashwood Homes, Inc. is the right choice for you!

Matt Howe

Meet Matt Howe, son of Bill Howe.
Matt is general contractor for Ashwood Homes and overseas all the work taking place. He installs all the hardwood, tile and is a distinguished trim carpenter.  Matt also served in the United States Marine Corps. His expertise includes:
·         Remodeling 
·         Custom carpentry work 
·         Custom tile work 
·         Hardwood flooring